White Dexter





SOLD I love our tame white dexter herd but life changes have led me to see if anyone else is interested in purchasing/enjoying them. There are 6 dehorned, non chondro, blk tipped white cows (3 are A2/A2 and 3 are A1/A2, 5 are age 5 and one is age 6) and a polled, chondro, red tipped white A2/A2 bull that they are bred to. All cows have had several calves by the bull with no calving issues. I would prefer to sell together but will separate as well. Thank you!

Animal Information:

Animal Name: Small herd of registered white dexters
Registration Number: All are registered white dexters
Parents Registration Number:
Sex: Cow
Date of Birth: 06/15/2023
Horn Status: Horned
Chondro Status: Non-chondro
Color: White with black tips

Owner Information:

Owners Name:
Ranch Name: Four C Dexters

State: Colorado

Preferred Contact Method: Call | Text | Email

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