White Dexter


Bull DOB 5/27/2020



I have a unicorn that needs a new group of ladies. He is registered. His genetics: Carrier for A2N variant beta casein, Homozygous Normal for Chondrodysplasia, Homoszygous Normal for Dexter Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca, Herterozygous White, He is horned and has only one horn (unicorn). He has thrown two nice B/W point heifers so far. He is approximately 44 inches at the shoulders. He lives north of Topeka, Kansas. Born May 2020. Registered White Dexter

Animal Information:

Animal Name: Osage Himo
Registration Number: 010602
Parents Registration Number: 010266 P208137
Sex: Bull
Date of Birth: 05/27/2020
Horn Status: Horned
Chondro Status: Non-chondro
Color: White with red tips

Owner Information:

Owners Name:
Ranch Name: Herrick's WDC

State: Kansas

Preferred Contact Method: Text | Email

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